Well folks, you’ve been incredibly patient and it’s finally paid off: Match by Match’s new EP Vivat Veritas is finally here! We’ve spent the better part of a year working on this bad boy, chasing the sound we had in our heads, and we could honestly not be happier with how things came out.

Once again, we went into the studio with Ann Arbor local legend producer/engineer Jim Roll (Chris Bathgate, Hoots & Hellmouth) in Backseat Productions studios. This time, we wanted to showcase a different sound from our debut American Crowbar, so we reached out to our good friend and DIY recording wiz Christopher Smith (The Ultrasounds, Timetables) to help out on getting the vibe we were going for. Finally, we made it a family affair and had the superstar mastering team of House of Boosh (Jim and Maurice Bouchard) make with the loudness. And the coup de gras was the stellar artwork designed by the stunningly talented Ryan Lynch (who we know as master key-tinkler Ryan Export of Chicago rockers Archie Powell and the Exports, who were a huge source of inspiration for us on this record).

This record took a lot out of us and we had a lot of setbacks, but every step along the way went into making it a testament not just to where we’ve been, but where we intend to go. Vivat Veritas is a hoarse rallying cry: a entreaty to dance like a maniac, to sing at the top of your lungs, to scream and to cry and laugh, and to celebrate every fleeting moment like it was your last day on earth.
Head on over to bandcamp to buy and stream the record. Or, you can c’mon down to Woodruffs on March 1st to see us play it TONIGHT with our musical brothers in arms Nathan K, The Hand in the Ocean, The Finer Things, and Dan Henig!

If you like the record, feel free to share it with your friends and social media! We have streaming links on our soundcloud and tumblr, and you can connect with us on twitter and facebook (remember to tag @matchbymatch and hashtag #VIVATVERITAS!)

We could not have made this record happen without the love and support of you guys and our family and friends. Special thanks goes out to: Archie Powell and the Exports (for being so damn amazing, inspiring, and for letting us crash on their couch), Patrick Conway (for guitar guidance and gear donation), Nathan K, Willa Rae, Matt Roney, Em Eppley, and Adam Bient.

Stay safe, stay good, and keep on living like it’s your dying day,

Melissa & Gray

Coming this Friday March 1st to Woodruffs in Ypsi…

It’s our EP release show! We’re delighted to be playing with out old friends The Hand in the Ocean (Detroit freak-folkers!) and The Finer Things (Ann Arbor power piano triumvirate). And now with 100% more Dan Henig!

We’ll be giving away FREE downloads of our new EP Vivat Veritaswith any merch purchase. Come on down and hear us play the new record and a whole slew of new tunes, as well as the MxM classics. See you there. Deetz at the facebook event page.

(Special thanks to Nathan K, who is one of our biggest inspirations and is helping us out on this one. You are our favorite dude).

Old Man Winter Can’t Stop The Rock!

December might still be a week or so away but it ain’t to early to get pumped for some pre-yuletide festivities - No word on the presence of nog but we’ll keep you posted! 

On December 13th, MxM is gonna be hitting one of our favorite Michigan venues - And one that we’ve never played at that! - PJ’s Lager House! And to top it off, we’re playing it with one of our fave acts, The Hand In The Ocean

One - or maybe even TWO! - more acts are going to be added to the bill so keep an eye out for that because this bill it already killer and it can only go uphill from here! 

This is a show that we here at MxM Manor are particular pumped for, folks. Not only does it feel like ages since we’ve left the A2 area but it’s our first time playing as a rock duo in the dirty D, our first time at PJ’s, but this is going to be the start of a three date mini-tour for us that’s gonna find us honing our new songs like nobody’s business!

Tix for PJ’s will run ya’ a mere $5 at the door - And don’t forget to RSVP to the facebook event to let us know to expect you! 

The next day, we’re TBA-ing it before heading back to Ypsilanti for Dragon Wagon's Wagon Wreck Music Festival at Ann Arbor’s LIVE for what is turning out to be fiddle seductress extraordinaire Diana Ladio’s last show with the bluegrass six piece. You can still pre-order your tickets for another two days on Dragon Wagon’s Kickstarter here

Best of all? Looks like we just might have some new swag in time for these December shows of ours including the coolest stickers of all time and maybe - Just maybe! - even that cd single if we’re lucky! 

Sounds like the makings of an exciting three day stint on the great highways of Michigan if you ask me! 

Winter ain’t never looked so good.

(Source: matchbymatch.com)

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