Coming this Friday March 1st to Woodruffs in Ypsi…

It’s our EP release show! We’re delighted to be playing with out old friends The Hand in the Ocean (Detroit freak-folkers!) and The Finer Things (Ann Arbor power piano triumvirate). And now with 100% more Dan Henig!

We’ll be giving away FREE downloads of our new EP Vivat Veritaswith any merch purchase. Come on down and hear us play the new record and a whole slew of new tunes, as well as the MxM classics. See you there. Deetz at the facebook event page.

(Special thanks to Nathan K, who is one of our biggest inspirations and is helping us out on this one. You are our favorite dude).

Match by Match making an appearance on one of our favorite local radio programs, Tree Town Sounds, hosted by Matthew Altruda. MxM decided to have some fun and do what is called in the biz a “mash up” of our favorite Kanye track “Monster” with our song “Ambulance.” What’re we gonna do now? Whatever we wanna do, GOSH, it’s cool now.

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