Old Man Winter Can’t Stop The Rock!

December might still be a week or so away but it ain’t to early to get pumped for some pre-yuletide festivities - No word on the presence of nog but we’ll keep you posted! 

On December 13th, MxM is gonna be hitting one of our favorite Michigan venues - And one that we’ve never played at that! - PJ’s Lager House! And to top it off, we’re playing it with one of our fave acts, The Hand In The Ocean

One - or maybe even TWO! - more acts are going to be added to the bill so keep an eye out for that because this bill it already killer and it can only go uphill from here! 

This is a show that we here at MxM Manor are particular pumped for, folks. Not only does it feel like ages since we’ve left the A2 area but it’s our first time playing as a rock duo in the dirty D, our first time at PJ’s, but this is going to be the start of a three date mini-tour for us that’s gonna find us honing our new songs like nobody’s business!

Tix for PJ’s will run ya’ a mere $5 at the door - And don’t forget to RSVP to the facebook event to let us know to expect you! 

The next day, we’re TBA-ing it before heading back to Ypsilanti for Dragon Wagon's Wagon Wreck Music Festival at Ann Arbor’s LIVE for what is turning out to be fiddle seductress extraordinaire Diana Ladio’s last show with the bluegrass six piece. You can still pre-order your tickets for another two days on Dragon Wagon’s Kickstarter here

Best of all? Looks like we just might have some new swag in time for these December shows of ours including the coolest stickers of all time and maybe - Just maybe! - even that cd single if we’re lucky! 

Sounds like the makings of an exciting three day stint on the great highways of Michigan if you ask me! 

Winter ain’t never looked so good.

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MxM Gets Ready To Rock Wagon Wreck!

It might appear that Team MxM is taking things nice and easy during November but - Au contraire! Gray and Melissa are practicing just as vigorously as ever, gearing up for the release of NEW MUSIC, the recording of NEW SONGS, an playing of NEW SHOWS, and a whole bunch of other junk we’ve got in the pipeline for all ya’ll little dearlings! 

Within the next few weeks, we’re going to be making a number of exciting announcements - Starting today!

On December 14th and 15th, our always-enthusiastic friends in Dragon Wagon are going to set Ann Arbor ablaze with their first annual Wagon Wreck music festival and we are going to be a part of it!


Along with us and, of course, Dragon Wagon, the line up will also feature acts like Third Coast Kings, The Crane Wives, Covert, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellies, Lawless Carver, October Babies, The Ben Daniels Band and more.

We’ve shared the stage with Dragon Wagon a number of times before, from the Taste of Tree Town Sound at the Blind Pig to Earth Tones at the Ark, and each time has been a blast. Now, you can ensure your spot at Wagon Wreck by giving to Dragon Wagon’s Kickstarter.

The band is preselling tickets to the fest and $30 gets you a two day pass to the fest, to take place 12/14-12/15 at Ann Arbor’s LIVE.

If you’re feeling generous, more dollars gets you more perks, such as music, merch, or even live performances in your very own living room. Check out the Kickstarter for more deets!


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Ol’ John Skelebones here, Boils and Ghouls! Taking a break from being resident Pumpkin Duke of MxM Manor to announce two new additions to "NIGHTMARE… at the Manor!" Ypsi-loopster ORPHANAGE and Queen of Noise WILLA RAE! This show is shaping up to be MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER!

You want deetz? Email mxmmanor@gmail.com. Be there… or be SCARED!

6 Days Until… NIGHTMARE At The Manor.

If MxM ever gets famous, it’ll go down in wiki-history that Melissa briefly played drums in now-defunct Detroit all-girl rock band Smudge Candy. Well, it seems as if Halloween will be a bit of a Smudge Candy reunion with former frontbabe Willa Rae showing up at the Manor with her guitar to sing a few Smudge Candy favorites, new tunes, and covers! Will she be playing anything spooky? Will Melissa be coerced into harmonizing on “Julia”? Come to Match by Match Manor on Halloween for NIGHTMARE At The Manor and find out!

Can’t make it on Wednesday? Well, never fear - Match by Match will be packing up their keykits and gortars and leaving the hours to head ‘round the corner to Ypsilanti’s Depot Town on Saturday Night to play Joan and Michael Newbury’s Halloween Benefit for the Hope Center!

As it is at a residence, please e-mail mxmmanor(at)gmail(dot)com for the address if you can’t access the facebook invite. Or just wander around Depot Town until you see the pretty garage door!

Who said Rocktober was dead?

Stay creepy, kids.

7 Days Until… NIGHTMARE At The Manor.

Good afternoon, guys and ghouls!

It’s an even better day than usual at Match by Match Manor because it’s rapidly approaching our very favorite day of the year - Halloween! Team MxM get the shakes for the spooks pretty bad year ‘round. Just look at our salt and pepper shakers!

The DVD was already there.

Believe it or not, that DVD was already there.

Now that we’ve gotten ourselves settled in for the autumn at our swank Ypsi digs, we’re ready the get creepy. And in true MxM fashion, we want you to be a part of it.

On October 31st, we’re inviting some of our closest friends and fans to the manor for our very first house show featuring our pals A Hand In The Ocean, us, and more than a few surprises to be announced this week during our countdown to NIGHTMARE At The Manor!

  • The whole shindig will start at 10 pm on Halloween.
  • Costumes? Of course!
  • Beer? You want it, you bring it!
  • If you don’t know the place, send a love letter to mxmmanor(at)gmail(dot)com and the lovely Miss Amber will give you some instructions - And maybe even a password! 

Get ready for this one, guys. After all, life’s no fun without a good scare.

- MxM

If you missed our Tuesday night show at the Pig this week with our super awesome Bay Area homies Ash Reiter, it isn’t too late! Join us at the Tap Room in Ypsilanti tonight for some sodas and sunny tunes. It was great getting to share the stage with another duo, especially one as tight as Ash. 

Plus, they rock a sweet clear drum kit and a fine-as-hell green guitar. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!

Team MxM is more excited than usual to hit the stage at our fave Ann Arbor dive, the Blind Pig, to rock out a new song or two. We’re opening for Ash Reiter, who are coming all the way from California to play Michigan as part of their coast to coast tour. Will they be brining the sun with them? Probably not. But they will be bringing sunny tunes like…

Check that sweet mint green guitar!

Did Someone Say Something About A Big Announcement?

Well, it seems like that big announcement was supposed to happen yesterday according to facebook. Oh well! A little procrastination never hurt anyone!

The team over at MxM manor has been busy as all get out this summer. We’ve recorded a new EP and have been prepping tons of new content coming your way - Webisodes! Blogs! Merch! Tour dates! And of course, new music! 

At the end of the month, we’ll be hitting the road for a brief Midwestern tour, culminating with our "Kings Of The New Sincerity" single release show at Ann Arbor’s Blind Pig with The Ragbirds and The Appleseed Collective! Get your tickets now for what’s bound to be one of the best local bills in the mitten this year.

See MxM In A City Near You!

September 20th - Chicago, Illinois


With Timetables, TBA - 21+

September 21st - Bloomington, Indiana

Bear’s Place


September 22nd - Indianapolis, Indiana


September 29th - Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Blind Pig

"Kings Of The New Sincerity" Single Release Party

With The Ragbirds and The Appleseed Collective

Oh, and if you like that fancy new MxM logo, keep an eye on our merch table. The Match by Match insignia will soon be gracing everything from buttons to stickers to posters!

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