FINALLY! Match by Match is packing up their ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTS and coming to YOU, Detroit Rock City!

Joining us will be our number one band boos The Hand In The Ocean! Have you heard of them? I hope so, Detroit! They’re from your ow

n backyard! 

And your favorite Ypsi-by-way-of-Nashville-by-way-of-Detroit baby boys THE FERDY MAYNE! You know ‘em! You love ‘em! GET PUMPED TO SEE ‘EM!

And last but not least, joining the bill will be Teenage Octopus!

Tickets? A MERE $5! That’s just over a dollar per band! WORTH ITTTTTTT.

Time? 9 pm!

And like the temporary posterpiece (that’s half masterpiece, half poster, for those not “in the know”) says - It’s SO easy to be popular at PJ’s! Why not come? 

Sure it’s a Thursday but they don’t call ‘em Thirsty Thursdays for nothin’. So RSVP to the facebook event, why don’tcha? See you there!

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