Match by Match was started by accident in March of 2010 when, due to random technological chance, Gray Bouchard and Melissa Coppola met via the now obsolete internet chat site, Chatroulette.  At the time, Gray was touring solo as Red Lanterns, and Melissa was in grad school studying classical performance, but neither was very happy.  They video chatted for months before meeting in person and falling in love.

Realizing they were both frustrated by the lack of opportunity to make the kind of music they really wanted to hear, they started collaborating musically. Eventually, they recorded a demo, played several shows up and down New England, and generally created a ruckus. They developed a unique sound influenced by indie rock, folk and musical theater, working hard to create a performance you couldn’t ignore… for better or for worse.  Somewhere along the way, they relocated to Ann Arbor, MI, started wearing formal wear and recorded a full length album.  It’s funny how things happen the way they do.

Match by Match has been playing all around Michigan ever since, and as the winner of The Ark’s Fall 2010 Student Songwriter Series, they opened for Bobby Long at his 2011 debut performance at The Ark. They have gotten local radio airplay on 107.1 FM and have shared the stage with bands like The Verve Pipe, The Ultrasounds, Archie Powell & The Exports, Gun Lake, The Appleseed Collective, Lake Folk, We Are the Willows, Christopher the Conquered and The Wandering Bears.

Match by Match has released an EP, “Books”,  as well as a full length concept album available for free streaming and download via Thanks to the donations of family, friends and strangers, MxM’s kickstarter project in support of their debut album, ended with a final total of $3,000 raised towards recording costs.  “American Crowbar”, based on the curious life of Phineas Gage, was released August 2011 and has been steadily gaining praise and recognition.  The album is currently being produced into a musical in collaboration with The New Theatre Project at their new space in Ypsilanti, MI, opening on September 29th, 2011.

"I don’t wanna call what this duo does merely folk, nor do I wanna say something like chamber-pop. Many of their compositions are so damned precious and ornate that it just exhibits what must be called ‘orchestral…’ Much of American Crowbar feels best suited to be heard within an old theatre house, soaking into red velvet curtains and resonating off of dusty, worn woodwork.  They seem to be following steadily behind the schools of Monger and Bathgate, but striking their own path, girded by the male/female harmonization and inclination for evocative crescendos, shimmering acoustic guitars and chilly strings."
-Jeff Milo, Ann Arbor Observer

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